Beginner’s Applique/Sculpture: Leaves


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Joshua Merrill

Whitney Center for the Arts – WCA 235

Friday 05/17 9:00 am – 5:00 pm


Class Size Limit: 24 Students

See complete workshop description below

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Joshua Merrill

Whitney Center for the Arts – WCA 235

Friday 05/17 9:00 am – 5:00 pm


Workshop Description: In this one day workshop, Joshua will share his knowledge and experience of embossing and applique work in this beginner class. Using only modeling spoons and minimal additional tools you will create an appliqued sculpted set of leaves over a leather plug. Designed for beginners with little to no skill in applique/embossing. The project will require minimal skiving, gluing, modeling spoon, and knife/cutting work.

Materials to bring: Pencil/pen and paper/notebook, eraser, fine point Sharpie marker, tracing paper/vellum, modeling spoons (need at least one fine point tip), #11 scalpel and additional blades (10x), box/head knife, cutting board, skiving knife (with sharpening/stropping tools), small needle nose/jewelry pliers, and a fine point awl. (Skiving is not required but the shaping will be more difficult depending on the leather’s attributes: this will affect the stem of the leaves.)
Note: For those uncomfortable with modeling spoons, basic smooth bevelers can be used for the initial beveling of the leaves but modelers will be needed for the detail work.
Optional: Figure/background stamping tools, mallet and tooling slab… can be used for additional background texture and details (not covered in class, but if time allows can be used in between instructions/at the end).

Workshop Instructor: Joshua Merrill is a self taught leather worker currently living in Clearfield, Utah, and working on his Bachelor’s degree in Japanese and Translation. Starting leather work in 2010 after buying a starter kit for himself when looking for Christmas gifts, he has always strived to push his knowledge and to pursue aspects of leather work that appeal to him such as book binding, shoe and bag construction, costume creation, personal goods, and braiding, while including pop culture and Japanese designs. He works towards a fusion of Japanese and American design aesthetics with the goal of opening a shop in Japan and teaching classes around the world. Find him on Facebook, Instagram, and more at merrillsleather.

Workshop Sponsors: Hermann Oak Leather Co., Renia USA, and Tandy Leather


• There is a $25 administration fee for canceling a workshop.

• The cost of each workshop will be refunded minus the $25 fee.

• No refunds for workshops after Thursday, May 9, 2024.


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