2014 Volume 24, No. 5 Sep/Oct


The 2014 September/October edition of The Leather Crafters & Saddlers Journal

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Feature Articles:


18  Roll-Up Stamping Tool Case

By Lyman Avery 

22  Indexing Tools for Greater Accuracy

By Fred Nachbar

25  Components of Design

By Pete Gorrell


34  Fun with Stamping Tools: “Cube Stamp Design”

By Chan Geer 

37  From My Bench to Yours: “Marvel Saddle”

By Bob Klenda           

41  Passport Cover

By Eugene Solomin

49  Vinegaroon

By Chris Andre 

52  Tactical Style Vertical Shoulder Holster

      Part 4 – Final Assembly

By Ken Bush

66  “Turning the Corner”: Expanding the Scope of  Your Work

By Brad Martin

77  On the Edge: Keeping Your Edge,

      Part 3: Making the Strop Work for You

By Paul C. Zalesak



8  Mystical Dragon Mask guardi questo sito

By Janelle Becker

30  Kolhapuri Sandals

By Khursheed Dinshaw

61 Sewing for the Motorcyclist

By Virginia Grace



28  Saddle Gallery

By Troy West           

58  One More Way to Do a Cantle

By Wayne Duncan


24  Concho Cures

By Magnus Malleus           

39  Black is Beautiful

By Vic Carman

79  Swivel Knife Finesse

By Bob Klenda



55  A Visit to Barry King Tools


68  2014 World Leather Debut Highlights

76  Britt’s Cover Carving

By Michael Dale           



4   From the Editor

64 Leather Industry News

71 Leather Guilds

72 Dealer Directory

73 List of Advertisers

74 Classifieds            


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