2014 Volume 24, No. 3 May/Jun


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The 2014 May/June edition of The Leather Crafters & Saddlers Journal

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Feature Articles:

Crafting Your Own Stamps – The Taro Leaf

– Gretchen Cardoso


Leather Burning – A Primer

– Frederick J. Nachbar


Fun with Stamping Tools – Double Crescent

– Chan Geer


Swivel Case

– Ed LaBarre


Belts: Part 2

– Peter Main


Tactical Style Vertical Shoulder Holster, Part 2 – Making Thumb Breaks

– Ken Bush


Having Fun with Flowers – “The Domestic Rose”

– Pete Gorrell


Painting Leather with Transparent Acrylics, A Brief Introduction to Coloring on Leather

– Ken Bush & Jackie Holliday


From My Bench to Yours – “Shaping Bulldog Tapaderos”

– Bob Klenda


Lace Cutting & Beveling

Joe Boyles


On the Edge – Keeping Your Edge, Part 1 of 3

– Paul C. Zalesak


Rattlesnake Belt Design

– Lyman Avery


Guitars and Cowgirls – Creating a Custom Pick Guard

– Brad Martin


Saddle Gallery – Cattlemen’s Ball of Nebraska Saddle

– Dan Flower


Stitchin’ Niche

– Jerimy Kuhns


“Tooling” Down Memory Lane, Craftool Tech Tip No. 31: Craftool Adjustable “V” Gouge

– Al Stohlman


Swivel Knife Finesse

– Bob Park


Warrior Transition Unit Recognizes Leather Machine Company


Warrior Transition Unit Recognizes Chan & Mary Geer


Chan Liu-Miao: National Living Treasure of Taiwan

– Dusty Johnson


Keeping it Fun

– Brad Martin


12th Annual World Leather Debut Highlights


2014 Southwest Leatherworkers Trade Show

– Charil Reis and Ralph Solome


Al & Ann Stohlman Award Foundation News


Remembering Alfred Thomas Lay


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