2014 Volume 24, No. 2 Mar/Apr


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The 2014 March/April edition of The Leather Crafters & Saddlers Journal

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Feature Articles:

Stretchy Smart Phone Case

– Kathy Flanagan (Tooling pattern by Janelle Becker)


Doing It My Way:  Intricate Leather Surface Modeling

– George Gross


Fun with Basket Stamping – Windows Pattern

– Chan Geer


Belts: Part 1

– Peter Main


Improving the Photography of Your Leatherwork:  Part 2 – Exposure

– Michael Dale


Tactical Style Vertical Shoulder Holster,  Part 1 – Making the Patterns

– Ken Bush


Russian Ornamental Carving:  A Book Cover

– Eugene Solomin


From My Bench to Yours:  “More Practice”

– Bob Klenda


On the Edge – Refining the Edge…Sharpness & Keenness

– Paul C. Zalesak


King Cowboy Cuffs

– Freddie Matara


On the Dark Side:  Working with Dark-Colored Leathers

-Chris Wright


Saddle Gallery

– Loes Dekker & Ben Ridders


Bench Notes: Napkin Ring Slicker

– Dusty Johnson


Stitchin’ Niche

– Jerimy Kuhns


Carving Signatures

– Vic Carman


“Tooling” Down Memory Lane – Craftool Tech Tip No. 29:  The Push Beveler

– Al Stohlman


Swivel Knife Finesse

– Pete Gorrell


Spotlight on Belts

– Peter Main


12th Annual World Leather Debut Highlights


Talent & Skills

– Lisa Sorrell


Vintage Classic Silver Saddle IV Raffle

– Joel “Dutch” Dortch guardi questo sito



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