2009 Volume 19, No. 4 Jul/Aug


The 2009 July/August edition of The Leather Crafters & Saddlers Journal

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Feature Articles:

-How to Carve the Cover

-Basic Stamping with the Tri-Weave

-Divided Pencil Box

-Replicating a Leather Jacket from the Past

-Making Professional Belt Keepers

-Build a Fence Pliers Case

-“Tooling” Down Memory Lane – Craftool Tech Tip #1 – Pear Shader

-Tempering Leather

-Swivel Knife Finesse

-Saddle Gallery: Part 1 of 2 George Chournos Saddle Portrait Patterns – Tribute to Sheepherding in the High Country

-Restoration of John Deere and Velie Saddles


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