2009 Volume 19, No. 3 May/Jun


The 2009 May/June edition of The Leather Crafters & Saddlers Journal

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Feature Articles:

-Trophy Deer Antler Wall Mount – Braggin’ Rights Require Leather!

-Perfect Hand Stitching

-Airbrushing 3-Color Leather Flames

-Measuring for a Belt

-Making Gene Autry’s Boot More Special

-Lacing a Tank Cover

-How to Carve the Cover

-Cross Draw Holster for a Modern Derringer

-Making a Fancy Shot Bag

-“Tooling” Down Memory Lane – Covered Bridge and Model T

-Scraps for a Hot Occasion – Potholder

-Making Your Own Guides for Rotary Punches

-Northwest Style Notebook Cover

-Swivel Knife Finesse

-The Colorado Columbine! Floral Pattern – Saddle Fender


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