Developed 9 generations ago as a protector for leather that was used in all weather – hot, cold, wet, and dry – Saddler’s® Preservative softens leather quickly and gives it a non-damaging protective coat. On new leather, Saddler’s® Preservative gives leather added protection against stains and weather; on used leather, it will make the leather supple so it will not crack when flexed. Leather is an investment; use Saddler’s® Preservative for longer living leather.

Available in 3 sizes: 4oz., 8oz., and 16oz

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#leathertogether: Tandy Leather, the Leathercraft Community, and our response to COVID-19

FORT WORTH, Texas – For many of us the last few weeks have felt at once like a lifetime and the blink of an eye. At Tandy, we have been closely following the guidance of the CDC and local health officials to make day-by-day, location-by-location decisions on how to best protect our customers and employees from the spread of COVID-19 while continuing to keep our promise to build on our 100-year legacy of inspiring the timeless art and trade of leatherworking. As we consider how we will move into the future, we find it helps to look to our past.

Like many members of our community, Tandy began as a small business. Founded in Fort Worth, Texas in 1919, we got our start selling supplies for shoe repair. That was until World War II, when civilian leather rationing required Dave L. Tandy and then partner, Norton Hinkley, to reevaluate their business model. Dave’s son, Charles, reported that upon visiting a military hospital, he saw patients keeping busy by making things with leather. Thus, a new Tandy was born, one that supplied the armed forces with leather and leathercrafting supplies.

Charles recognized the need to support and build a community, not just run a business rada. That’s still at the heart of Tandy’s mission—we know you count on us. That’s why we plan to face down the next 100 years just like the first—with a willingness to adapt and innovate, and a renewed commitment to support the enduring spirit and indomitable creative energy of our community of leatherworkers.

So, what are we doing that’s so different? At the time of this release, we have taken the step to close all our locations to the public, even where we have not yet been required. This decision does not come lightly—our stores are the heart of our business, and an extension of your businesses and your communities. They are a place for you to come together, learn, share, and work se puede encontrar en esta página. It’s where you stock up on the essentials. So, while we can’t invite you in-store, we are working behind the scenes to deliver the supplies, resources, and the sense of community you’ve come to rely on from Tandy.

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Fiebing’s Launches New Website

In early 2020, Fiebing’s launched a new, re-designed website at

In addition to finding information about all of our products, Fiebing’s has added the Fiebing Academy page that includes the entertaining and informative video series by Serge Volken called “Dyeing and Coloring Leather”.  You can also find many quick ‘how to’ videos on the Academy page for some tips on applying Fiebing’s dyes and finishes

The Fiebing Company in Milwaukee, WI has been manufacturing world renowned dyes and finishes for leathercrafters since 1895

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Birdsall Leather – We have moved!

After settling in Sydney in the late 1800s, the Birdsall family commenced tanning sheepskins in 1883 at the North Botany Tannery (now known as Mascot). The large tannery prospered over five generations – and 105 years – supplying quality leather skins to a national and international market.

In 1988, the Mascot tannery closed and David & Judy Birdsall then opened a smaller tannery in Chegwyn Street, Botany.

Now in our 137th year (2020), David & Judy’s son, Andrew Birdsall, has moved this small family tannery to Taren Point, south of Sydney. Now into its fifth generation (and sixth generation too!), Andrew – along with his wife Shane, & daughter Katlyn, and brother Scott, with wife Louise – still embrace the business and continue the family tradition, producing high quality leathers, a broad product range, and servicing a local and international market.

Birdsall Leather specializes in kangaroo skins which have been vegetable tanned for lace and leathercraft. We also produce alum tanned redhide for whipmaking, together with leathercraft supplies, which play a major part of our product mix, including tooling sides, shoulders and exotic skins plus all types of tools, dyes and finishes. Stylish cowhide hair rugs are also available and other exotic skins such as Mongolian and Icelandic sheep skins which are new to the range.

Leathercraft classes will be back up and running in the coming months after our big move. They are weekly for those wanting to learn this wonderful craft along with workshops on specific projects like shoes, whips, journals, plaiting, molding and much more.

Follow us on Facebook (Birdsall Leather) or instagram (@birdsallleathercraft) or join our mailing list to hear all the news. Buying on-line is easy and mail order is our specialty. However, please note: Amidst the current COVID-19 conditions, please bear in mind that out shop front is currently closed to the public. Our phone lines are open to help in any way we can, so if you need help with an online order please don’t hesitate to contact us. We all need to take these measures to ensure our small business can operate and stay open in the future. Please check the website for future updates.

On behalf of the Birdsall Team we hope for everyone to stay safe and healthy.

Birdsall Leather, 6 Bay Rd, Taren Point  NSW  2229  Australia

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C Loy’s Leathers Marks Five Years in Business

It’s a wonderful feeling to meet our 5 year anniversary! We are happy to say that we are stronger than ever and that’s all thanks to our great customers! We would love to express our most heartfelt “Thank Yous” to all of our customers, as we would have never made it this far without you. C Loy’s Leathers is and has always been very customer-focused and we are proud to have such amazing customers continue being part of the C Loy’s family. As the saying goes, “You don’t build a business, you build people; then the people build the business.” You can always expect that here at C Loy’s Leathers, YOU are the boss.

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