Saddlemaking Construction & Repair Techniques: Set – Dusty Johnson


Saddle Making Book, DVD & Patterns Set by Dusty Johnson




Dusty’s Saddle Making & Construction & Repair Book, DVD and Saddle Patterns set. Regularly priced at $71.00 when purchased separately.  

Book – Explains how to make a top quality western saddle with a minimum of tools and expense.  No prior leatherworking experience is required.  How to create each part of the saddle is thoroughly illustrated with over 100 pictures and drawings lees. Complete list of tools materials required to complete a top grade western saddle of any style or size included. 136 pages.  

DVD- Complete companion to the book. Shows how to build your own saddle, step-by-step, from start to finish. 

Patterns – Make any style or size western saddle as illustrated in the book and DVD.  Four sheets 23 x 34 inches each.  All patterns are clearly marked for location on the hide and with skiving directions.


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