Real Leaf Tooling Patterns Volume 1 Book – Ed LaBarre


“Real Leaf” Tooling Patterns Volume 1 – Ed the “Bearman” LaBarre

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“Real Leaf” Tooling Patterns Volume 1 by Ed the “Bearman” LaBarre.  Ed LaBarre has studied leaves and flowers in their natural setting in an attempt to design, carve and color them in a more realistic fashion in leather. His 27 page book provides instruction and techniques to help others carve leaves in the same way. Various tooling patterns focused on the oak leaf are provided in his book along with carving and component patterns for a small size notebook, medium size notebook, roper checkbook, cell phone case and a wallet. Carving realistic leaves is the main focus in Ed’s book. Ed hopes to follow up this book with another on coloring realistic leaves.



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