Floral Carving Three DVD Bundle – Cary Schwarz


Floral Carving Three DVD Bundle – Cary Schwarz



DISK 1: Floral Design I
This DVD features the progression of laying down visual information on paper. Specific focus is on balance, construction lines, working from basics to specifics, and managing negative space within the context of floral carving design.

DISK 2: Floral Design II
This DVD is a tutorial that breaks down the design-on-paper into bite sized pieces. It is a series of exercises where the viewer, with pencil and sketchbook in hand follow line-for-line a variety of flowers, leaves and scrolls. These exercises force the student to focus on the visual information as it is laid down. I’ve used these exercises dating back a number of years with good results for a range of abilities.

DISK 3: Floral Carving
This DVD is devoted to executing a simple floral pattern in leather. It starts with sharpening and cutting with a swivel knife. It shows a technique I use when cutting that, when mastered, will help make anyone’s cutting smoother, easier and probably faster. I show the use of stamping tools that apply different textures in a progression that is worked out over many years. The viewer will be introduced to some new tools that are variations of familiar ones and how to use them in new ways. Novices and veteran leather workers alike will get something out of this DVD.



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