2019 Volume 29, No. 1 Jan/Feb


The 2019 Jan/Feb edition of the Leather Crafters Journal

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Right Place, Right Tool, Good Leather Work
Sean Aquino

Creating a Wood Grain Texture in Leather
Annie Libertini

Tooling with Kathy Flanagan: African Elephant in 3-D
Kathy Flanagan

Fun with Stamping Tools: Camouflage Tool
Chan Geer

Upholstering a Stool or Chair
Tony Bernier

It’s All About Getting the “Edge”
Lyman Avery


Saddle Gallery
Ross Brunk

From My Bench to Yours: Decisions Confronting the Saddle Maker and Some Solutions
Bob Klenda

Emerging Saddlemaker Preview


About the Cover
Bob Park

Examining the Mystery of Pricing and Success with Leatherwork, Part 1
Dusty Johnson

Recreating the Shane Rig
Wil Ghormley

European Leatherworkers and Artists Trade Show: Memories Persevere
Charil Reis


Shop Hacks: Swiss Army Fork
Serge Volken

Swivel Knife Finesse
Chris Andre


Brogans and the Sweet Soul of a Shoemaker
Lynn Macnab


From the Editor


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Leather Industry News

Leather Guilds


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