2018 Volume 28, No. 5 Sep/Oct


The 2018Sep/Oct edition of the Leather Crafters Journal

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Feature Articles:


8   Introduction to Sheath Building
Aaron Sybrant

26 Leather Tooling as Low Relief Sculpture: The Chap Top – Part 4 
Gordon Andrus kamagra gel

32 Fun with Stamping Tools: Filled Tri-Weave Pattern
Chan Geer

35 Tooling with Kathy Flanagan: Hello, Otter! Living Color, Unleashed 
Kathy Flanagan

41 Braided Horsehair Bracelet 
Natalie Orfanidi

55 The Simply Amazing Coffee Tote 
Michael Dale


66 From My Bench to Yours: The Custom Saddle Maker 
Bob Klenda


About the Cover
Armin Dobstetter

19 Robert Beard
Charil Reis

62 2018 World Leather Debut 2nd Place
Brian Stelzel


61 Shop Hacks: Identifying Your Carving Tools
Serge Volken

79 Swivel Knife Finesse
Jürgen Volbach


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72 Leather Industry News

74 Leather Guilds

76 Classifieds

78 List of Advertisers


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