2013 Volume 23, No. 6 Nov/Dec


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The 2013 November/December edition of The Leather Crafters & Saddlers Journal

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Feature Articles:

-Runaway Reindeer Ornament

-Leather Pyrography – Pointers to Get Started

-A Mare’s Leg Holster

-Fun with Basket Stamping – Jazz Up your Basket Stamping:  Crowner

-Making a Simple Billfold with Leather Liner

-Preparing Leather Lace for Braiding and Lacing

-Lacing the Cross-Hatch Stitch

-Reversible Braided Leather Choker/Bracelet

-From My Bench to Yours:  “Fit”

-On the Edge – Let’s Put it to the Stone

-Boot Gallery – Bonney & Wills School of Shoemaking & Design

-Saddle Gallery – Keith Seidel

-The Noho Lio – Part 3:  Braiding the ‘Awe ‘Awe

-“Tooling” Down Memory Lane Craftool Tech Tip # 27:  Bone Folder and Edge Creaser

-Swivel Knife Finesse – Bob Park


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