Cat and Dog Patterns – Carolyn Melvin


Carolyn Melvin’s – Cat and Dog Patterns           




Carolyn Melvin’s – Cat and Dog Patterns            

Carolyn’s collection of 150 animal and bird leather tooling patterns is now available in seven different pattern packs for the leatherworker to own and enjoy se puede encontrar en esta página.  Each pack comes with her General Embossing and Carving Guidelines.  The Art Series pattern packs are available for purchase through the Leather Crafters & Saddlers Journal at a price of $15.00 each plus shipping.

1) Arabian and Quarter Horse Patterns (17)

2) Bird Patterns (15)

3) Cat and dog Patterns (37)

4) Farm Animal Patterns (29)

5) General Horse Patterns (15)

6) Wild Grazing Animal Patterns (16)

7) Wild Predator Patterns (21)


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