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Tooling Sunflowers & Other Unique Flowers

Steve Yezek

Thursday, 5/16, 8:00pm – 12:00pm, W210, Sheridan College

All skill levels welcome!

This workshop will focus on tooling the sunflower as well as other unique and different species of flowers. Student will be exposed to Steve’s unique way of tooling sunflowers, roses, and other difficult styles. We will focus on what tool to use where and why. You will be exposed to new uses of old tools that make your tooling pop.  Bring your tools and a open mind; this will be fun.

Materials to Bring: Floral carving tools, sharp swivel knife, strop, stamping stone, misting bottle or sponge, modeling spoon, ball end modeler, back beveler, 5 sizes of seeder stamps in graduating sizes, and an extra light if you require it.

Steve Yezek

Steve does his leatherwork as a hobby that pays for itself. He was bitten by the leather bug while on a family vacation to the Sheridan area, where he visited the King Museum. He started out making tack and saddles, but later turned to focus on tooling. Even with an extensive art background, he struggled to recreate the western style tooling. After years of classes with the masters, it started to click. Still feeling like something was missing, he looked to engraving and wood carving for inspiration; the pieces began to fall into place, and he started to develop his own hybrid style of carving and design.