Tooling Realistic Portraits: Sitting Bull


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Annie Libertini

Tis Art Annex – 103

Friday  2/28 9:00am – 5:00pm


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In this one day workshop you will learn to tool a realistic, lifelike portrait of Sitting Bull. In the process of tooling this portrait, Annie will show you how to make a tracing pattern from a photograph and how to use basic tools to create dimension and capture the details of character and personality that should shine through in every portrait. She will also discuss how to choose the best images to use for portraits and how to translate them to leather so that you will be ready to take these skills home and do your own! Although we will not have time to color the pictures, time permitting Annie will demo how she colors and finishes her portraits.

Materials to bring: (Tandy product codes are given as examples.) Pencil and paper, stamping stone, stylus, swivel knife and strop, maul or mallet, misting spray bottle for water (water and sponges will also be available), small round modeling spoon (#8039-01), med/large round modeling spoon (#8039-02), ball end modeling tool (#8039-04), any other favorite modeling tools, hair blade tool (#88012-00), smooth and checked bevelers, smooth and checked pear shaders (small and large), your preferred background/matting tools.

Annie Libertini began working with leather while in art school getting a degree in painting. Her leather masks and other work have been featured on television for Once Upon a Time, Z Nation, and Gotham, as well as in many photo shoots and theater productions all over the world. More information about her work can be found at, and at Libertini Arts on Facebook and Instagram.

Workshop Sponsors: Hermann Oak Leather Co