So, You Think You Wanna Play with Leather?


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Serina Lee

Tis Art Annex – 104

Thursday 2/27 9:00am – 5:00pm


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This workshop will be action-packed and Fun!! The focus of this workshop will be to learn the basics! Types and weights of leather and its uses will be covered, to learn which leather is best for which project. You will also learn how to case veg tan leather to prepare it for tooling, prepare the leather for the least amount of stretch and we will also be tooling a small piece. This workshop will be very hands on with lots of interaction. My goal is to help you learn the basics but also give you lots of tips and tricks to making a beautiful, finished product!! Come on! Let’s play with leather!!

Materials to bring: Maul/mallet, basic 7 stamping tools (beveler, veiner, camouflage, seeder, backgrounder, pear shader, and mules foot), sharp swivel knife, strop, fine point stylus, straight edge/ruler, stamping stone, notebook and pen.

Serina Lee began playing with leather in 2009. She is self taught as there was no one in the area to learn from. In 2015 she attended her first trade show in Prescott, AZ (the Southwest Leather Workers Trade Show) and took every single workshop that time would allow for!! That show, the workshops, and instructors changed her whole leather life! “I no longer felt alone in the leather world and it is a great feeling!” Serina continues to grow and learn by taking workshops when she can. She also teaches workshops at her home, at the Southwest Leather Workers Trade Show and at the Rocky Mountain Leather Trade Show. Serina lives on her small farm/ranch with her husband of nearly 35 years, their horses, dogs, chickens, and a cat!

Workshop Sponsors: Hermann Oak Leather Co. and The Fiebing Company