Slickbald’s Concealed Carry Gunleather


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Chris Andre

Prescott Resort – Granite Mountain Room

Friday 2/28 8:00am – 5:00pm

All skill levels welcome!

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Learn the fundamentals of professional holster design and construction. This workshop will focus on concealed carry holsters with the student making a One Slot, “Nelson No 1” style holster. Chris will cover the fitting of the holster style to the customer, types of holsters and their applications, as well as designing holsters from scratch. In construction we will cover leather selection, liners, wet molding and more. The class will also cover shop tips and production techniques to help the student hit the ground running. Students will receive one of Slickbald’s 1 Slot Holster Master pattern packs.

Materials to bring: Students should have their own professional collection of properly shaped, sharpened, and polished tools: pencil, head knife or similar, strop, 3/8” round punch, one medium sized (#3/4) French skiver, #3 and #5 common edge bevelers, slicker, and wing dividers. Chris will try to bring tools to fill in the gaps. 

Chris “Slickbald” Andre is a professional leather artist and maker in Frederick, Colorado. Chris works mostly in cowboy action and concealed carry gun leather while dabbling in saddles, cowboy trappings and motorcycle gear. Chris is also an active and competitive member of SASS and Cowboy Fast Draw, and is a lifetime competitive shooter. Chris authors a variety of instruction and pattern packs for gun leather and other items as well as offering workshops in holster making and carving.

Workshop Sponsors: Hermann Oak Leather Co., The Fiebing Co., and Leather Machine Co., LLC