Sculpted 3-D Sunflower


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Annie Libertini

Tis Art Annex – 103

Thursday  2/27 9:00am – 5:00pm


13 in stock

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In this one-day workshop you will learn leather sculpting techniques and create a life-like, three-dimensional sunflower using only your hands and a few basic tools. Each student will be instructed in manipulating the leather to make natural looking flowers and using water-based dyes and acrylic paint to bring them to life! At the end of the class the flowers will be assembled and can be made into pins or ornaments.

Materials to bring: Paper and pencil, stylus, modeling spoon, awl, safety skiver or skiving blade, misting spray bottle for water, small stamping stone, maul or mallet, small and medium mulefoot stamps (Tandy U851, U853), paintbrushes if you have ones that you prefer. Annie will have extra tools available.

Annie Libertini began working with leather while in art school getting a degree in painting. Her leather masks and other work have been featured on television for Once Upon a Time, Z Nation, and Gotham, as well as in many photo shoots and theater productions all over the world. More information about her work can be found at, and at Libertini Arts on Facebook and Instagram.

Workshop Sponsors: Hermann Oak Leather Co and Renia USA