Product Description

Saddle Trees: Top to Bottom

Dustin Smith

Thursday, 05/16, 8:00am – 5:00pm, WYO Custom Saddles & Trees, Buffalo, WY

All skill levels welcome!

To many, ordering a saddle tree can be an overwhelming experience. Which measurements are important and which aren’t? What about angles and fit for the customer or yourself? What are the different styles of trees? In this class we will be measuring horses and then taking that information to build a custom saddle tree from start to finish in the wood. The measurements will be explained and all of the different options for making a custom saddle tree will be discussed. This information will allow students to see what measurments are used by tree makers. By watching a custom tree being built, the students will be able to have a first hand look of how a custom saddle tree is constructed. This workshop will take place at Dusty’s shop (130 Barn Rd, Buffalo, WY 82834.)

Materials to Bring: Note taking materials, earplugs and safety glasses (recommended). Lunch is included with the registration fee and will be provided on site. Directions to Dusty’s shop will be provided upon registration for the workshop.

Dustin Smith

Dusty Smith is a custom saddle and tree maker. He grew up on a ranch in southwest Wyoming, where he learned to love horses. While in 4-H, he learned how to stamp leather. Working on ranches and riding horses for a living taught Dusty to know a good saddle. Years later, the love of leather began again by learning to build saddles. Then came along what he thinks is the most important part of the saddle, the tree. He learned from some of the best tree makers out there. Dusty owns and operates WYO Custom Saddles and Trees, which allows him to do what he loves: leather and wood work.