Product Description

Modeling Tool, Lettering, Monotone Coloring

Peter Main

Friday, 05/17, 9:00am – 5:00pm, W203A, Sheridan College

All skill levels welcome!

Here you will learn what a versatile tool the modeler is and its use on all styles of work. Then, learn how to do lettering, both block and script, inverted style. Finally, have some fun shading a design using only one color. With this technique mastered, you can use all colors on your work!

Materials to Bring: Modeling tool, swivel knife and blades you already have, strop, tracing stylus, scratch awl, ruler, small dividers, shallow-well palette, and (2) No. 5 pointed brushes. Peter will bring modelers and small dividers for purchase.

Peter Main

Peter Main got his start in graphic design in Sydney, Australia. After 25 years in graphic design, in 1995 he immersed himself in his art and taught himself leather design, artistry and construction. He has made everything from delicate jewelry to cases to boots, and has mastered the arts of fine hand-sewing, text on leather, and coloring. Peter has diligently instructed others in these skills for decades. In 1999, Ann Stohlman presented Peter with the Al Stohlman Award for Achievement in Leathercraft.