How to Make Your Leatherwork Pay for Itself


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Jim Linnell

Prescott Resort – Jerome Room

Saturday  2/29  1:00pm – 5:00pm

All skill levels welcome!

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One of the first questions that a leather craftsman faces when they get into the craft is how to pay for it. A hobby is a great thing that everyone should have, but having one that pays for itself or that even can make you money would make that the perfect hobby. In this workshop Jim Linnell will share insights on how to make a hobby in leathercraft can pay for itself. Whether a seasoned leather worker or a beginner, there is value for students at all levels in this 4 hour workshop. With over 50 years of leather working experience, Al Stohlman Award winner Jim Linnell will answer questions on getting started, determining price, where to sell your goods, and much more. In his 40 years in the leather industry, Jim has watched leather workers evolve from beginners to successful businesses many times and has been a part of guiding many craftsmen toward that goal. Jim will also dedicate some time to discussing how to use social media to promote your business. Topics range from the basics, such as how to set up a page, to much more in depth conversations, such as how to leverage the internet to build a business and get publicity. Past attendees of this seminar have exclaimed that there was something for every one at every level and the insights offered in this class transcend beyond leatherwork, but could be applied to any hobby.

Materials to bring: Note making materials and all of your questions on how to make your leathercrafting hobby pay for itself.

Born and raised on a ranch in eastern Montana, Jim Linnell has had leather working in his blood ever since his first visit to the Miles City Saddlery. The sounds and smells of those visits are some his most vivid memories of that early introduction to the leather working world. Now, after spending the last 50 plus years working with leather and nearly 40 years in the leather industry, those sounds and smells are still a part of his life. Jim has taught leather working skills to thousands of students around the world. He received the Al Stohlman Award for Achievement in Leathercraft in 2002.

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