Product Description

Fundamentals of Three-Dimensional Tooling

Tony Allen Bernier

Friday, 05/17, 9:00am -5:00pm, W210, Sheridan College

All skill levels welcome!

Multiple time World Leather Debut award winner, Tony Allen Bernier, teaches you his approach to leather tooling: A comprehensive method to realistic representations on leather. You’ll not just learn to tool one image; Tony will give you a complete understanding on how to approach/tool any art to realistically represent it three-dimensionally. This knowledge comes in handy when embossing or using other art mediums. After some quick swivel knife techniques, you’ll do some simple perspective style boxes, then work your way up in a systematic approach to the more complex. Each new detail learned is used to move forward. Learning how to properly render perspective-style  images provides the opportunity to add more dimensions to your tooling abilities.

Materials to Bring: Mist bottle, small stylus, swivel knife (preferrably with a filligree blade), strop, mallet/maul, stamping stone, small, pointed modeling spoon, medium figure beveler, small beveler, and a small, pointed (smooth) backgrounder.

Tony Allen Bernier

Tony’s been doing upholstery for over 20 years, and started making leather goods about seven years ago. He’s made everything from leather art pieces to a custom, half-size wingback chair. Tony teaches private lessons and group classes on leatherworking and upholstery out of his shop and around the country. He also sells instructional materials, several pattern packs, and leatherworking tools through his Etsy shop.