Fine Assembly Work


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Takeshi Yonezawa

Prescott Resort – Chino Room

Thursday   2/27  8:00am – 5:00pm

All skill levels welcome!

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This course is designed for the student who wishes to develop their skills and master the fundamentals of assembly work over this full-day class. Instructor Takeshi Yonezawa will share his specialized techniques that took years to develop, focusing specifically on: 1) Skiving leather; 2) Applying bond; 3) Edge work. The valuable skills taught during Fine Assembly Work are foundational to all leather projects, but often get overlooked. However, once in practice, students will enhance their leatherwork and amplify their ability to create fine leather goods. Best of all, these fundamental yet critical skills can be utilized throughout one’s entire journey with leather.

Participants can expect to make a compact bi-fold wallet to keep (and use!) while learning the following:

•    Learn how to skive both by machine and by hand;

•    Learn how to finish edges to create a clean look;

•    Learn how to apply bond evenly to leather.

Note: Students will also have the opportunity to sew their wallet with a sewing machine. However, sewing instruction will not be a focus of this workshop.

Materials to bring: Glue spreader (available for purchase at class), cutter knife (recommended: NT Cutter OLFA), cutting surface, glass surface, (2) rulers (recommended: thin, steel rulers with little flexibility), edger, sandpaper or sanding stick (#400), ballpoint pen or leather marking pen, canvas piece or cotton cloth (to be used for edge burnishing), leathercraft hammer, roller tool, flat edge knife (optional – available for purchase in the workshop).

Takeshi ‘Yone’ Yonezawa started leatherwork nearly twenty years ago in Tokyo, Japan. In a world of speed and consumption, Yone invests his passion, love and time into his work. It’s not about creating for profit, but creating with the intent to change the perception and standards of quality leather goods. He is a firm believer that handmade = better, with countless hours of effort and thought spent going the extra mile to combine flawless execution, balanced form and function, and beautiful design. Yone specializes in Japanese, American and European leatherwork. He is a proud member of the Portland Leather Guild and the Lone Star Leather Guild and lives in Beaverton, Oregon, with his wife, son, and dog.

Workshop Sponsors: Hermann Oak Leather Co., The Fiebing Co., Leather Machine Co., LLC, and Renia USA.