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Kathy Flanagan

Prescott Resort – Chino Room 

Friday-Saturday  2/28-2/29  9:00am – 5:00pm 

All skill levels welcome!

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If fun is what you are looking for in leather work, this workshop is for you. The subject matter is cute and unusual, and you can do your own thing with it. Plug embossing and embossed appliqué are both included on the agenda. The coloring is a bit different than the usual, and may prove to be easier to the inexperienced painter. Come join Kathy for this magic ride in Prescott!

Materials to bring: All materials and patterns needed to make the project will be supplied. Bring the following tools: Stamping surface, cutting board, mallet, stylus, modeling spoon, swivel knife, strop, scalpel with #11 blades, bevellers (smooth and textured, various sizes), matting tools (smooth and textured, various sizes), pear shaders (smooth, various sizes), F895, paint brushes (round, sizes 0 to 4), toothbrush, leather scissors, and a sharp knife (small head knife, skiving knife, industrial knife [Tandy’s] – any knife sharp enough to go through heavy leather with ease).

When she was very young, Kathy Flanagan started her leathercraft career as a 4-H project, not knowing what it would lead to many years later. She has become the recipient of prestigious awards, such as the coveted Al Stohlman Award and Master Leather Artisan of the Year from the Academy of Western Artists. Figure carving has become her primary focus, and she is determined to share everything she has learned.

Workshop Sponsors:Hermann Oak Leather Co., The Fiebing Co., and Renia USA