Product Description

Embossed Koi

Jürgen Volbach

Friday-Saturday, 05/17-05/18, 8:00am – 5:00pm, W203B, Sheridan College

Intermediate and Advanced

In this workshop, you’ll learn Jürgen’s adaptations to leather embossing methods to achieve a 3-D modeling of a Koi fish surrounded by water and plant life using modeling tools. From transferring the pattern to leather to the finished piece, every step will be shown in the correct, logical sequence. You’ll be mixing your own leather dust with rubber cement, filling in the back side, and then reworking the modeling on the front, adding cuts, to give the Koi it’s 3-D appearance. Don’t miss your chance to learn the secrets of these 3-D techniques! Time permitting, you will finish the Koi with antique, or Jürgen can speak to how to effectively color the fish, so that you can frame the finished piece at home.

Materials to Bring: Swivel knife with a small blade (7mm), strop, fine scalpel, ball and spoon modelers (Barry King or Peter Main, if you have it), small bubble backgrounders (M882 & M881), seeders (S631, S632, S633), figure bevelers (F891, F895, F902), pear shaders (P367, P703, P972), various steep bevelers, mallet, graphite pencil and eraser, stamping stone, and a cutting board.

Jürgen Volbach

Jürgen Volbach is a leatherworker from Cologne, Germany, who had his first lessons 30 years ago with the famous boot and saddelmaker, Don Atkinson in Kerrville/Ingram, Texas. He worked with leather every day, making leather designs and toolings and carvings for clients using old and new leather skills. In recent years, he has used modeling tools more and more in his leatherwork, especially with 3-dimensional pieces. Jürgen teaches many workshops in his work space in Cologne and other countries/towns to teach students the different techniques. He speaks German and English.