Circular Basketweave


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Ed LaBarre

Tis Art Annex – 102

Friday   2/28  1:00pm – 5:00pm

All Skill Levels Welcome

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Join Ed for a fun way to do basketweave. You will learn how to run your basketweave in a curved and circular fashion. Be forewarned: you will probably never want to do straight basketweaves again after this workshop. We will focus on the circular basketweave and with time permitting we will touch on the realistic leaf in the center.

Materials to bring: Stamping stone, maul/mallet, swivel knife, strop, stylus, (2) SIMPLE basketweave stamps of the same design (medium size and one the next size smaller – the Craftool x511 works well for this design), assorted smooth pear shaders, thumbprints, and smooth bevelers, favorite background tool (no bargrounders!), smooth matting tool, and most importantly, a Fun-and-Ready-to-Learn Attitude!

Ed ”BearMan” LaBarre’s first connection with leather was in 1967 at age 13, in the leathercraft shop at Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland. He later worked at McLelland’s Saddle Shop in Florida and learned from Bob Dellis, who encouraged Ed to make tools. His son, Beary, now runs BearMauls. Check out his website:

Workshop Sponsors:Hermann Oak Leather Co.