Product Description

Braided Buttons

Joe Boyles, Nick Carter

Saturday, 05/18, 1:00pm – 5:00pm, W203A, Sheridan College


Have you ever wanted to braid the decorative buttons you have seen but had no idea where to start? In this workshop, Nick and Joe will teach how to make a 4 part, 3 bight Turks Head and enlarge it up to a 7 part, 6 bight Turks Head and then do the pineapple interweave. This will be done a couple different ways to try and find a good fit for each student. Our goal is to have each student go home with a mandrel that has at least three different Turks Heads on it that you can use it as a reference in the future. Each student will receive a booklet with pictures and step by step instructions of each button. This is being very optimistic, but if time permits, we will get into the Gaucho interweave and the Spanish Ring Knot. This is going to be a fast paced, very informative workshop that will make you think. It will be a challenge but well worth your time and money. Between Nick and Joe, they have over 50 years of braiding experience.

Materials to Bring: Any braiding books you may have, lacing fid and mandrel (there will be extras for you to borrow), highlighter, colored pencils, and a camera.

Joe Boyles

Joe began braiding while in Australia in 1988 after getting his first Ron Edwards book. Back home, he was taught rawhide by Mary Fields, who is in the Bruce Grant books, and also attended Dale Moore’s saddle building school. Kangaroo and rawhide are his preferred materials to braid with. He started braiding Australian stock whips a few years ago and is now starting on bullwhips. Joe enjoys teaching and will keep you entertained while you learn.

Nick Carter

An accomplished braider currently residing in Casper, Wyoming, Nick is a working man’s braider who has been making and sometimes selling his braided goods for over 24 years. Always willing to share and learn techniques, Nick offers his services with great enthusiasm every chance he gets.