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Bob Park’s Western Floral Designs

Bob Park

Tuesday, 05/14, 9:00am – 5:00pm, Chaparral, Holiday Inn

Intermediate and Advanced

If you were standing in the wrong line when they passed out drawing skills, this class is for you! This workshop is designed as an introduction to drawing floral tooling patterns utilizing the techniques outlined in Bobby’s book, Creating Western Floral Designs. The instruction is designed to assist those who struggle when composing floral tooling patterns. Utilizing close-up cameras and a large screen TV, Bobby outlines the step by step process that he uses when designing patterns. This is not an art class! Rather, it’s a mechanical approach to composition utilizing common traditional design elements found in most tooling patterns. The focus is to assist students in designing patterns by following the techniques outlined in the book. Some of the topics covered include basic layout, the use of borders and understanding pattern flow. During the afternoon session the students will practice some basic techniques in drawing, under Bobby’s supervision. Loaner copies of Creating Western Floral Designs will be available and signed copies will be available for purchase as well.

Materials to Bring: Pencils, erasers, circle template (up to 3”), note taking materials and a camera. Bobby’s contact info: 602-999-3099;

Bob Park

Bobby is a leathersmith specializing in western floral tooling. He has won numerous awards at national shows and exhibitions. In 2015, he was awarded the Al Stohlman Award for Achievement in Leathercraft. In addition to his leatherwork, Bobby is the author of Creating Western Floral Designs. He is also a continuing contributor to the Leather Crafters and Saddlers Journal trade magazine. Bobby also produces a variety of innovative products designed to improve and enhance leather working for novices and professionals, alike. Be sure to stop by his booth at the trade show!