Product Description

Better Phone Photography

Loy Andrus

Friday, 05/17, 8:00am – 12:00pm, Appaloosa, Holiday Inn

All skill levels welcome!

Getting good, quality images of your work can seem daunting and learning everything you need to know can feel like learning a different language. Loy will lead you through a discussion and show you examples of: Composition (subject placement, camera angles, and background); Lighting (source, balance, strength); and Editing (exposure, color, contrast). These three core elements are at the heart of taking any good and meaningful image. Once you understand the formula it as simple as A+B+C = Great Final Product! Loy will also cover moving and storing images.

Materials to Bring: Note taking materials and, of course, a great camera phone!

Loy Andrus

Loy Andrus Is an artist and photographer working in the Greater Salt Lake area. He has been working in the field of photography since 2010 and started Loy Andrus Photography in 2012. He studied commercial photography for two years at Northwest College in Powell, WY, and later received his Bachelor’s of Fine Art in Photography from Utah State University in 2017. As the son of saddle maker Gordon Andrus, Loy has been photographing leather and silver for 8 years.