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Beginning Leathercraft: How to Start!

Serina Lee

Thursday, 05/16, 9:00am – 5pm W203A, Sheridan College


The focus of this class will be to get you started correctly with the basics! You will learn a bit about the types of leather, different weights and how you can use them. You will also learn things like preparing the leather, basic tools and how to use those tools, how to case the leather and why it is important. In this class you will learn to transfer a simple pattern onto leather, use a swivel knife to carve it, and basic stamping tools to tool the pattern. You will also do a simple dye and antique on the project.

Materials to Bring: Maul/mallet, basic stamping tools, swivel knife, strop, stylus, straight edge ruler, stamping stone, fine, pointed round brush, pen and paper for note taking.

Serina Lee

Serina Lee started her leather career slowly in 2009, doing a bit more each year. She was self-taught until she attended the Southwest Leather Workers Trade Show in Prescott in 2015, where she learned many great things from so many wonderful instructors! After attending the show, her leather world really took off! “I no longer feel alone in the leather world, and it is a great feeling!” Serina is married to her husband, Larry, of almost 32 years, has 3 adult children (and in-laws) and 6 beautiful grandchildren. She lives on their small ranch which includes 6 horses, about 70 chickens, 8 dogs and one cat. For fun and relaxation, Serina loves spending time with her family, trail riding and reading!