Basic Hand Stitching 2.0: Case Maker’s Lap Strap


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Gordon Andrus

Prescott Resort – Prescott Room

Tuesday  2/25  1:00pm – 6:00pm

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This workshop will cover basic double needle harness stitching using a pricking iron to mark out the stitching for a case maker’s lap strap. Case makers often need to hold awkward shapes for stitching, which don’t always fit in a traditional stitching horse; a lap strap is used instead. Stitching will be tied off with a hidden knot. An extensive handout is included with your attendance. Previous tooling experience or attendance at the morning swivel knife class is required. We will hit the ground running!

Materials to bring: Three ring binder for handouts and note taking, sharp 2” or smaller diamond awl with handle, John James 003 egg eye harness needles, dividers/spring compass, number 7 pricking irons (2 & 5 prong – Horseshoe Brand recommended), mallet (to drive pricking irons), and hammer (to set stitching). Awls, needles, and thread can be purchased at

Gordon Andrus is an artist, craftsman, and author. Gordon has been working leather since the mid-1970s, when he was given a handful of tools that had belonged to his grandfather. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Utah State University 1986 and a Master of Fine Arts from Alfred University in 1990. He has owned Sage Creek Stock Saddle Co. for the past sixteen years.

“Artistry is vital to any creative endeavor. As a saddler, I strive to achieve as high a level of artistry in my craftsmanship as I can. I love making things that are useful.”

Workshop Sponsors:Hermann Oak Leather Co., Red Ox Brand Tools, Horseshoe Brand Tools, and Barry King Tools