Antique Brass Indian Head Nickel


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Jürgen Volbach

‘Tis Art Annex – 104 

Friday-Saturday  2/28-2/29  8:00am – 5:00pm 

Intermediate and Advanced

9 in stock

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In this workshop, you will learn to work with modeling tools while embossing the design from an Indian head nickel in leather. Jürgen will share his method of transferring the drawing to leather, and you will learn to use bevelers and modeling tools to bring the embossing into the right shape. After this, you’ll be shown how to mold your leather into a plate. Finally, Jürgen will help you complete the antique look of the coin by showing you his special technique of how to achieve a “brass” patina on leather! Your finished plate will add interest to any wall or shelf in your home or office!

Materials to bring: Stamping stone, maul/mallet, sharp swivel knife with a fine blade, strop, bone folder, graphite pencil, soft eraser, figure beveler, steep beveler (checkered or flat, different sizes), modeling spoons, modeling balls, finest stylus you own, checkered backgrounder, brushes (different sizes), sponge, and a cotton cloth rag. 

Jürgen Volbach is a leatherworker from Cologne, Germany, who had his first lessons 30 years ago with the famous boot and saddelmaker, Don Atkinson in Kerrville/Ingram, Texas. He worked with leather every day, making leather designs and toolings and carvings for clients using old and new leather skills. In recent years, he has used modeling tools more and more in his leatherwork, especially with 3-dimensional pieces. Jürgen teaches many workshops in his work space in Cologne and other countries/towns to teach students the different techniques. He speaks German and English.

Workshop Sponsors:Hermann Oak Leather Co., The Fiebing Co., and Renia USA