Product Description

Adapting Floral Patterns for Your Projects

Gordon Andrus

Tuesday, 5/14, 8:00am – 12:00pm, W208, Sheridan College


Drawing your own patterns, for some, seems daunting if not downright impossible. A wealth of decorative material exists in the world, both on-line and in print. The difficulty lies in making these designs suitable for use in leather, or making them fit into the space you need to fill. Using an extensive, 24-page handout you will learn about the common pitfalls of leather patterns. Then, by learning about the skeletal lines that lie invisibly in all floral patterns, you will learn how to re-size and reshape the various flowers and leaves available and connect them into simple tooling patterns. These are the drawing techniques that are central to any understanding of floral design.

Materials to Bring: Sketchbook, pencils and eraser.

Gordon Andrus

Gordon is an artist, craftsman, and author. Gordon has been working leather since the mid-1970s, when he was given a handful of tools that had belonged to his grandfather. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Utah State University 1986 and a Master of Fine Arts from Alfred University in 1990. He has owned Sage Creek Stock Saddle Co. for the past sixteen years. “Artistry is vital to any creative endeavor. As a saddler, I strive to achieve as high a level of artistry in my craftsmanship as I can. I love making things that are useful.”