1998 Volume 8, No. 3 May/Jun


The 1998 May/June edition of The Leather Crafters & Saddlers Journal

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Feature Articles:

-Leather Armoring

-Beverage Can Carrier

-Stamping Belt Designs: Progressive Geometric Stamping

-A Gold Rush Era, California Style “Slim Jim” Holster

-Sometimes Serendipity: Creating Reproductions of Historic Leather (Holster)

-Leather Crafters & Saddlers Journal Cover (Binder)

-Western Silhouette (Unhappy Mule)

-Recovering a Motorcycle Seat

-Brazilian Wall Mirror Repair

-Keokuk, Sauk and Fox Tribe (Picture)

-South Dakota Exit 170 to Yesterday (Picture)

-Western Bootmaking: The Elements of Style

-Profits from the Scrap Bin: Curb Straps

-Miniature Trappngs of the West: The Saddle

-Canteen Cover

-Made to Measure Rolled Bridle

-Miniature Trappings of the West: Saddle Bags and Breast Collar

-A Hobble Design