1997 Volume 7, No. 1 Jan/Feb


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The 1997 January/February edition of The Leather Crafters & Saddlers Journal

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Feature Articles:

-Embossed Valentine

-Australian Design Keycase

-Hereford Bull (Picture)

-Making Decorative Leather Plates

-Don’s Designs

-Blue Ribbon Beginner (Hair Piece)

-Colt Series (Picture)

Carry-on Bag Fit for a Gunslinger

-How to Make a Miniature Alphabet

-The Western Packer Boot – Part 13

-Life Series in Leather – Series 6 (Leather Diorama)

-How Saddlery Shaped Horses that Shape Civilization

-English Leather for English Saddles Part 3

-Recessed Silver Mountings


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