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Gomph Hackbarth, 1018 Tool Set

Gomph Hackbarth

Gomph Hackbarth

1018 Tooling Set


This is a special set of 15 leather stamping tools made from “1018” steel.  These tools are perfect for those leather craftsmen who want the highest quality impressions without the added expense of stainless.  The “1018” basic set will save you more than $300 without limiting your creative talents.

 The above leather sample designs were all created using this tool set.  No other stamping tools were used.  Quality leather work deserves the finest Gomph-Hackbarth tools.


Each set contains the following tools:

 1/4” Border Stamp

3/16” Smooth Beveler

1/4” Smooth Beveler

3/8” Smooth Beveler

6 Hole Backgrounder

7 Hole Round Backgrounder

5 Hole Half-round Backgrounder

1/4” x 7/16” Smooth Pear Shader

5/32” x 5/8” Smooth Bruiser

3/4” Fluted & Lined Veiner

3/8” Fluted Camouflage

Small Lined Seeder

Small Plain Seeder

1/4” Lined Hoof Print

1/4” Oval Seeder



USA - $9.00

Canada - $22.00

Other Countries - $26.00