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Multifunctional Backpack


Multifunctional Backpack

Danielle Roosien

Wednesday - Thursday, 17 - 18. October, 2018

09.00 - 18.00, (9am - 6 pm)

ROZET, Kortestraat 16, Arnhem

Skill Level: Intermediate

Course description: In this workshop we will be making a complete, multifunctional backpack in two days. You will make the full backpack by hand out of three different types of leather. The pattern will be provided and will show all the holes and cuts that need to be made. The techniques we will use are all basic, but combined, it will be a bit more intermediate, because it is a lot of work. This workshop involves mainly cutting, measuring and stitching, while working neatly and in detail is required. You will be able to make a fully handmade bag in two days using mainly standard techniques, but by combining them in this multifunctional bag we will learn a lot about construction and assembly.

One of the most important aspects is thinking about the right working order and preparing your materials and tools. You will have the choice to stitch or braid the edges and there will be multiple leather colors to choose from to make it “your” bag. This bag will look quite simple in the end, but the design is rather ingenious. Using a single strap, you will be able to turn the backpack into a shoulder bag or hand bag. While using it as a backpack, the same single strap will make sure the bag is totally locked and no break-ins can occur. If you have never touched leather before, this workshop will be a difficult one. When you know a little you should be fine; you might not be able to finish the stitching completely in class, but you can easily finish the job at home. Some materials donated by Hermann Oak Leather Company, Tandy Leather and Echt Leer – William Kooy.

Student Should Bring: Rotary cutter, scalpel, skiving/head knife, strop, swivel knife, mallet, bevelers (regular and small), your favorite backgrounder(s), diamond hole chisel 5/32 (or 1/8) [or awl if you are used to working with it], 1/8 lacing chisel (if you are braiding), stitching pony (if you have one), round drive punch (size 4 [3.9 mm]), rotary drive punch (if you have one), oblong punch (size 11 [25mm x 4mm]), wing divider, scratch awl, edge slicker, edge beveler, groove puller/v-gouge, an old toothbrush, cutting board and stamping stone.

Danielle Roosien 

Leather has always fascinated Danielle. In 2010, she discovered the wonderful world of leather crafting and started working with leather, jumping in with “both feet”. She now has a studio in Arnhem, The Netherlands, where she enjoys giving workshops and making custom projects. She also travels quite a bit, giving demonstrations about the art of leather crafting. Danielle speaks Dutch, English and German, and has been instrumental in organizing this show with the Leather Crafters & Saddlers Journal.

Cancellation Policy

• There is a $25 administration fee for cancelling a workshop.
  (The cost of the workshop will be refunded minus the $25 fee.)
• No refunds after FRIDAY, OCTOBER 12, 2018.