Carving Feathers Three Ways: click to enlarge

Carving Feathers Three Ways


Carving Feathers Three Ways

Lisa Skyhorse

Thursday, 18. October, 2018 - ROZET, Kortestraat 16, Arnhem

09.00-12.00, (9 am - 12 pm)

Skill Level: All Skill Levels Welcome!

Course Description: Master carver Lisa Skyhorse will show various techniques of carving feathers. This will involve using the swivel knife, beveling and texturing. Lisa will demonstrate feathers carved in both realistic and stylized techniques. Students will also learn design layout and work on drawing their own patterns. This will include border designs to put a finished touch on their work. Each student will produce a finished panel of leather that can be oiled, colored, and mounted in the afternoon session. Students can also paint their feathers if desired. Some materials donated by Hermann Oak Leather Company and The Fiebing Company.

Student Should Bring: Swivel knife, strop, stamping stone, stamping and beveling tools, mallet, sharpening stone, edgers, reference material for design work, tracing paper, pencil and a small paintbrush.

Lisa and Loren Skyhorse live and work in Durango, Colorado. They have been a full-time saddle making team since 1974. Together, they have built over 1000 custom pleasure, trail and show saddles, as well as furniture, accessories and art pieces. Another passion of theirs is to build “collection saddles”, which are pieces of ride-able art. A recent project involved casting one of their collection saddles in bronze – twice. You can view their work on

Cancellation Policy

• There is a $25 administration fee for cancelling a workshop.
  (The cost of the workshop will be refunded minus the $25 fee.)
• No refunds after FRIDAY, OCTOBER 12, 2018.