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Pricing Your Leatherwork Profitably

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Pricing Your Work

Bob Brenner

Saturday, May 19, 8 am - 12 pm

Chaparral Room, Holiday Inn

Skill Level: All skill levels welcome!

Bob Brenner is the leather industry authority with decades of experience on how to price your work. Are you profitable? Even if you are, this workshop is designed to help you maximize your profits and avoid common pitfalls. This is a packed, 4-hour workshop based on Bob’s book, “How to Establish Prices for the Saddle Maker or Leather Worker”. You’ll receive this book (a $39.95 retail value) during the workshop, which will help you greatly in your note taking while Bob is teaching. This proven system will teach you how to establish a profitable hourly rate and price for your services and products, and it is updated by Bob continuously to reflect fair market pricing. These strategies can be used for anything you make. Bob uses this same system in his shop on a daily basis. If you’ve made it, he’s priced it (profitably)!

Materials to Bring: Notebook and pencil.

Bob Brenner

Besides being a full-time saddle maker, Bob was a branch bank manager that gives him good experience in reading and analyzing profit and loss statements. He was also an account manager for a computer company that did all the data processing for area banks. Based on his wealth of knowledge gleaned from these experiences, he published a book on pricing saddles and other leather work. Bob owns Pike’s Peak Saddlery in Black Forest, CO.