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Fundamentals of 3-Dimensional Tooling

Please register at the Leather Crafters booth

Fundamentals of 3-Dimensional Tooling

Tony Bernier

Friday, May 18, 9 am - 5 pm

W210, Sheridan Community College

Skill Level: All skill levels welcome!

This is the new, shortened version of Tony’s Fundamentals workshop. We start with some quick swivel knife cuts, just to get everyone on the same page. We then do some perspective style boxes and work our way up in a systematic approach to the more complex. We take each new thing we learn and use that to move forward. Learning how to properly render perspective-style images gives us the ability to add a whole new, additional dimension to our tooling. And adapting this perspective-style tooling to pictorial and figure carving helps us grasp the proper way to render images in a more realistic, 3-dimensional form. Leather donated by Hermann Oak Leather Co.

Materials to Bring: Tracing film, pencil, mist bottle, small stylus, swivel knife (preferably with a filigree/angled blade), mallet/maul, small pointed modeling spoon, medium figure beveler, small beveler, two small pointed backgrounders (1 smooth and 1 textured) and a stamping surface. You’re also welcome to bring any extra tools you like to use.

Tony Allen Bernier

Tony loves to create, everything from art, to meaningful conversation. He has a passion for life, and adores his wife and children. He’s been doing upholstery for almost twenty years, and leatherwork for seven. He went to college for graphic arts, and has been building, making, and creating art for as long as he can remember. He made a point to mention how blessed he feels that he not only gets to do what he loves, but that he has the opportunity to share it with others.