Broaden Your Knowledge: Saddle Horns & Swell Covers: click to enlarge

Broaden Your Knowledge: Saddle Horns & Swell Covers

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Broaden Your Knowledge: Saddle Horns & Swell Covers

Keith Seidel
Wednesday, May 16, 8 am - 5 pm
W129, Sheridan Community College

Skill Level: All Skill Levels Welcome!

Keith will demonstrate and explain his “idiot-proof” method for covering saddle horns that will work for everyone, every single time, on every style of horn! This specialized class will cover 3 different methods: 1) Standard cap with incorporated leather wrapped neck; 2) Cap and wrap; and 3) Donut-style stitched all around the cap. Proper leather selection and thickness, as well as stitching, trimming, and edging techniques will all be covered in detail. Next, Keith will demonstrate the methods for sweating a cover on a swell fork without welts. It is possible to fit a swell cover in 15-20 minutes. If you take longer, then you might want to take this class to learn the technique. Keith will demonstrate where to cut the swell cover from the hide for the best results. Welt styles will be addressed. Leather donated by Hermann Oak Leather Co.

Materials to Bring: Note taking materials.
Lunch is included with the workshop to encourage open discussion.

Keith Seidel

Renowned Cody, Wyoming saddlemaker Keith Seidel has been developing his art full-time for over 35 years. With a significant portfolio of nationally exhibited and awarded work, the innovative designs of his saddles have made him a trendsetter in the industry. Keith specializes in creating highly decorated and heavily tooled leather goods, including saddles, belts, briefcases, gun leather, and executive accessories. Many leather workers have learned a great deal under Keith’s tutelage. He has placed first in the World Leather Debut for the tooled saddle division five times.