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Braiding a Scarf Slide Button

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Braiding a Scarf Slide Button

Joe Boyles & Nick Carter

Friday, May 18, 8 am - 5 pm

W203B, Sheridan Community College

Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced

In this workshop you will start out making a foundation for a scarf slide. This will be either a Spanish ring knot or a 4 bight turks head made of rawhide. Then you will braid a 6 bight turks head with an interweave as the final project. This will be of rawhide with a kangaroo lace interweave. Prior braiding is required, please practice the 2 pass Spanish Ring Knot and the above mentioned knots to make it easier for the instructors to help you. Supplies donated by Y-Knot Lace, NTC Braiding and Rugged Cross Saddlery.

Materials to Bring: Any braiding books on knots you may have, a camera, notebook and pen and your favorite fid (there will be some available to borrow). Come with an open mind and be ready to learn.

Joe Boyles

Joe began braiding while in Australia in 1988 after getting his first Ron Edwards book. Back home, he was taught rawhide by Mary Fields, who is in the Bruce Grant books and also attended Dale Moore's saddle building school. Kangaroo and rawhide are his preferred materials to braid with. He started braiding Australian stock whips a few years ago and is now starting on bullwhips. Joe enjoys teaching and will keep you entertained while you learn.

Nick Carter

An accomplished braider currently residing in Casper, Wyoming, Nick is a working man's braider who has been making and sometimes selling his braided goods for over 24 years. Always willing to share and learn techniques, Nick offers his services with great enthusiasm every chance he gets.