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Foreign 2018 Volume 28, No. 1 Jan/Feb


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The Parker Style Knife Case
Pete Gorrell

Saddle Bags for a Service Dog
Jan Cole

Leather Tooling as Low Relief Sculpture  Part 1: The Chap Top
Gordon Andrus

Cowboy Cuffs
Chris Andre

Skive Like the Masters
Lisa Sorrell

Fun with Stamping Tools: Honeycomb Serpentine Tool
Chan Geer


Footwear Expressions with Dustin Lau
Dustin Lau

Scandinavian Turnshoes: Turning, Tabs and Toggles
Jason Hovatter


Saddle Gallery with Adam Tanner
Adam Tanner

From My Bench to Yours: Saddle Skirts, Saddle Makers and Saddle Strings
Bob Klenda


About the Cover
Rex Goulet

An Interview with Leather Wranglers
Michael Dale

Sealskin Story
Lynn Macnab

2018 World Leather Debut Announcement 


Shop Hacks: A Better Cutting Table
Serge Volken

Swivel Knife Finesse
Pedro Pedrini


4 From the Editor

6 Contributors

72 Classifieds

74 Leather Guilds

77 List of Advertisers