Precision Bar Grounding & Backgrounding: click to enlarge

Precision Bar Grounding & Backgrounding

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Precision Bar Grounding & Backgrounding

Chris Andre

Thursday, March 1, 6 pm - 10 pm

Granite Mountain Room - Precscott Resort & Conference Center

Skill Level: All skill levels welcome!

Most carvers hear the word “bar grounder” and groan. This 4 hour workshop will turn the bar grounder into your friend! Understand how to use this tool without creating “hamburger” in your background and create a very neat, professional look in your work. You will cover several other backgrounding techniques and have time to practice in class. No specific project will be made, just lots of remnants to play on! Materials donated by: Hermann Oak Leather Co. and Leather Machine Co.
Materials to Bring:
Basic carving tools, bevelers, matters, swivel knife, bar grounders, background tools, maul/mallet and a stamping stone.

Chris Andre is an award winning, professional leather artist and maker in Frederick, Colorado. Chris works mostly in cowboy action and concealed carry gun leather while dabbling in saddles, cowboy trappings and motorcycle gear. Chris is also an active and competitive member of SASS and Cowboy Fast Draw, and is a lifetime competitive shooter, and USMC Marksmanship Instructor. Chris authors a variety of instruction and pattern packs for gun leather and other items as well as offering private classes in holster making and carving.