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Create. Design. Do Business.

On-line registration is now closed. Please register for workshops at the Leather Crafters & Saddlers Journal Booth at the trade show.

Create. Design. Do Business.

Nevada Watt

Thursday, March 1, 6 pm - 9 pm

Chino Room - Prescott Resort & Conference Center

Skill Level: All skill levels welcome!

This workshop will cover the basics of layout and design for use in engraving on a variety of items. An overview of engraving techniques and cuts will also be covered, with a focus on creating your own designs for whichever items you want to produce. The importance of  pricing your work and marketing will be heavily stressed and why marketing using social media and your website as the main attention grabbers is beneficial for those at a geographical disadvantage. Nevada would like each student to walk away with a better understanding of the mechanics of engraving, the steps in layout, and confidence in pricing their work. Equipment provided by GRS Tools.

Materials to Bring: Pencil, sketchbook, 3 sketches of your own designs, 3-5 shapes/ items you either make a lot or wish to make and add engraving to, ie. a bracelet shape the person wants to build and design a engraving pattern for.

Nevada Watt is a silversmith/engraver/ and business owner. But what she’s really known for is blending the functionality of traditional gear and jewelry with a creative style. She loves working with western eclectics who are typically open to pushing the boundaries, and helps them by providing a functional piece with a whole heck of a lot of creativity.